Second Wind: Thriving With Cancer

Second Wind: Thriving With Cancer - Dann Wonser

Second Wind: Thriving With Cancer

"Don't you ever get tired of being so positive?" my niece blurted out one day.The question shocked me, five years into my fight with lung cancer. Was my enthusiasm about remaining treatment options so disheartening that even someone normally upbeat struggled to see the hope in my situation? Was the way I was thinking that foreign to how other people think?Over the next year, I came to understand that having cancer had changed more than my body. It had changed how I think. I had grown. Not in spite of cancer, but because of it. Now I treasure every new part of this adventure, as I have learned to not only survive with lung cancer, but to thrive with it.WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT SECOND WINDThis is one of the most thoughtful and useful books I've read, and certainly a must-read for anyone in the health professions. Beyond that, it is an amazing book for any of us trying to live consciously on this planet... I loved reading this I laughed out loud several times Dawn Doutrich, Ph.D., RN, CNS Emeritus, Washington State University College of NursingSecond Wind is an emotionally gripping story of one person's commitment to thrive with a cancer diagnosis. Each chapter provides coping tools to be successful on your own journey. The building blocks to assure thriving are all outlined.There is a rare intimacy as Dann leads readers through his journey. The book is hard to put down. As a survivor I found myself saying, "I felt that, too " Charlotte de Renne, Breast Cancer SurvivorDann's heartfelt, sincere account of his cancer journey touched me deeply. I experienced many thoughts and emotions as I turned each page. His work is inspirational and positive The Challenge Exercises will help the reader create a path for living your best life.I'm going to buy three copies when it is published. One copy will be for me, one for a friend that was newly diagnosed with stage IV cancer, and one for my oncologist. Ginny Hicks, Stage IV Survivor and AdvocateDann is an extraordinary writer. He has clarity of thought and a level of introspection that rings true, and I believe encapsulates the experience many of my patients have. Sandip Patel, MD, Oncologist, UCSD Moores Cancer CenterThis book is engaging, thought provoking and emotionally charged. Learning to meet and accept life with joy on life's terms is no small task. From the plethora of emotions to managing relationships, and from fighting the stigma to becoming your own health care advocate, the writer shows us hi
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