Ethics-Based Policing: Solving the Use of Excessive Force

Ethics-Based Policing: Solving the Use of Excessive Force - Ross Swope

Ethics-Based Policing: Solving the Use of Excessive Force

Ross Swope served the police profession for more than four decades. Highly decorated and accomplished, he worked with thousands of officers and police officials who performed their duty with courage, dedication, and compassion. But today, those honorable professionals-and law enforcement itself-are threatened by the criminal acts of a few corrupt members.

In Ethics-Based Policing, Swope presents a clear guide for solving the problem. Focusing on seven building blocks of integrity, illustrated by stories from his career, he shows police departments how to use the tools already at their disposal to create a culture grounded in accountability. When his approach is implemented with unwavering dedication, police use of excessive force or brutality will dramatically decline, thereby reducing and even eliminating resentment and ill will.

This book is an invitation to join the call for higher ethical standards to improve the profession and restore an environment of trust, confidence, and cooperation between the public and those who have sworn an oath to serve them.

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