Crossword Puzzles for Kids 6+

Crossword Puzzles for Kids 6+ - Blue Wave Press

Crossword Puzzles for Kids 6+

Fun Crossword Puzzles Are a Great Way to Improve Critical Thinking Skills and Learn Vocabulary!

These simple yet fun crossword puzzles will strengthen reading, language, and vocabulary skills, while improving concentration and confidence.

Educate and entertain kids at the same time with these interesting and fun word puzzles. Themed puzzles provide hours of learning and fun for the whole family. Includes a wide variety of topics including animals, opposites, shapes, colors, math, human body, rhyming words, and more.

An enjoyable screen-free activity that can also be taken on the go! Includes answer key with all solutions in back of the book. Easy-to-read font and plenty of room for answers in the boxes. Designed for children ages 6 and up.


  • 75 cleverly designed crossword puzzles
  • For ages 6 to 9
  • 8.5" x 11" pages
  • Strengthen reading and language skills
  • Portable and perfect for on-the-go learning!
  • Makes a great screen-free activity
  • Answers to all puzzles included

Order your copy now and enjoy this fun crossword puzzle book!

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